General Ledger 

True double Sided GL
that is fully Integrated .
Supports calendar year.

Open and close any month within calendar year.

On-screen display of any GL number without running reports.

Daily transaction file in-bin with "anytime" force post.

Tools to fix any GL entries.

protected single sided entry.

Full general journal workbench with trail sheet printout's.

Instant on-demand trail balance reports.

Balance sheet report.
P&L reports for current month and year to date.

Performance analysis
in both dollars and percentages.

Many fractional find methods including; dollar amount, reference number, GL
number, stkno and date-in.

Ability to add additional GL numbers.

Accounts Payable

Fully integrated to the general ledger and cash disbursements journals.

Write single check (1 vendor) one single invoice.
Write single check (1 vendor) multiple invoices.
Write multiple checks and invoices to multiple vendors.

Credit card payments (write multiple invoices multiple vendors with one transaction)

Creating reconditioning payable will adjust inventory automatically.

Create parts invoice and update service department parts profiles.

Adjustments. Both negative and positive. (JV's built in).
Multiple GL disbursements when creating A/P.

Partial payments of invoices.

Aging flooring and curtailment pay-downs.

Integrated with the vendor file.

Support for data import and export

Cash  Receipts

Integrated throughout the DealerDMS software module,
Retail Pending Deals,
Wholesale Pending Deals, BHPH, Short-term A/R (contract in transit etc). Service
and Parts departments.

Unique unaccounted or missing customer cash-down tracking.

Allows memo entries from sales staff without affecting accounting.

Prints daily deposit slips and daily cash tracking reports.

Selection feature allows cash to rollover to next day or deposit.

Binds cash taken to any deal structure, for better customer cash-down tracking.
Excellent closed cash receipts reports

Cash Disbursement(CheckBook)  

Supports multiple active bank accounts.

10 GL disbursements per check.

Integrated with commission file for payroll, draws and or advances.

Integrated with Inventory to write a quick check for reconditioning (will post the
reconditioning to the vehicle at the same time).

Integrated with the vendor file.
EFT and hand written checks

Void and unwind checks.

Reconciliation & reports.
Daily reconciliations.

Available inside A/P module